pH Influences on optical absorption of Anthocyanin from Black Rice as Sensitizer for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell TiO2 Nanoparticles

Materials Science Forum (2016) 864, 154-158

Natural dyes extracted from black rice are used as sensitizer for dye sensitized solar cell. The anthocyanin extracted with various pH in acidic and neutral coditions. Preparation of fotolectrode TiO2 film using doctor blade method and resulting average grain size 33,9 nm using X-Ray Diffractometer. Characterization of morphology and cross-section film TiO2 is confirmed by Scanning Electron microscopy (SEM). Optical absorption using UV-Visible Spectroscopy to obtain spectrum absorbance of anthocyanin in various pH. The current-voltage ( ) characterization shows the performance DSSC have a match relation to the optical absorption. The best absorption of anthocyanin obtained at pH 6 as well as conversion efficiency reaches 2.26% at this pH condition.

pH Influences on Optical Absorption of… (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Jun 26 2018].

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