Kinematics investigations of cylinders rolling down a ramp using tracker

AIP Conf. Proc. (2016) 1708 (070010), 1-6

Nowadays, students’ exploration as well as students’ interaction in the application stage of learning cycle can be improved by directly model real-world objects based on Newton’s Law using Open Source Physics (OSP) computer-modeling tools. In a case of studying an object rolling down a ramp, a traditional experiment method commonly uses a ticker tape sliding through a ticker timer. However, some kinematics parameters such as the instantaneous acceleration and the instantaneous speed of object cannot be investigated directly. By using the Tracker video analysis method, all kinematics parameters of cylinders rolling down a ramp can be investigated by direct visual inspection. The result will discuss the relation relations of cylinders’ mass as well as cylinders’ radius towards their kinematics parameters. Moreover, the effect of different ramp angles to kinematics parameters will be evaluated. The data including their errors will also be compared to the analytical method. This research implied that the program can be further applied to physics educational purposes.

(PDF) Kinematics Investigations of Cylinders Rolling Down a Ramp using Tracker. Available from: [accessed Jun 26 2018].

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