Heat Transfer Lab Kit using Temperature Sensor based ArduinoTM for Educational Purpose

Heat Transfer Lab Kit using Temperature Sensor based ArduinoTM for Educational Purpose

Procedia Engineering (2017) 170, 536–540

Nowadays, an integration of the sensor-based technology to learning science is required in order to improve the quality of science teaching especially for the better physical measurement quality. The utilization of sensor technology embedded with Arduino TM programming can handle the problem of the real time data recording. For example, in a conventional time-dependent physics experiment conducted at schools, the students commonly input the data with the help of a ticker timer or a stopwatch manually. However, some physics experiments studying the time-dependent physical changes cannot be run well. In this case, the heat transfer phenomena including a conduction, a convection, and a radiation cannot be explored except we have the device to identify the time-dependent heat changes during the investigation. Thus, a novel educational lab kit investigating the heat transfer will be proposed. The time-dependent measurement employs MAX6675K temperature sensors-based Arduino TM microcontroller. The temperature changes at certain positions along a rod can be investigated while the rod is being heated. Interestingly, the result shows the good tendencies of time-dependent temperature changes due to the conduction phenomena. The effects of the cross section area and the rod length will be explored. It is believed that this design is suitable for the students and the teachers to be implemented at school.

PDF: Heat Transfer Lab Kit using Temperature Sensor based Arduino TM for Educational Purpose. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/306900460_Heat_Transfer_Lab_Kit_using_Temperature_Sensor_based_Arduino_TM_for_Educational_Purpose [accessed Jun 26 2018].

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