Automatic Water Tank Filling System Controlled Using ArduinoTM Based Sensor for Home Application

Procedia Engineering (2017) 170, 373–377

Water supply is the most important thing in daily home activity especially for washing, cleaning, and taking a bath. The Indonesian villagers commonly supply the water by pumping the groundwater to fill a water tank. However, the utilization of non-automated switch used to turn on and turn off a pumping machine sometimes causes either the water spills or a wasteful electrical consumption. The previous works reported the utilizations of Arduino TM based sensors for plant watering system, water tank overflow control, and automated irrigation system. In this work, an automated water tank filling system will be proposed. The system is designed by applying an ultrasonic sensor, an automatic switch module, a water-flow sensor, an Arduino TM microcontroller, and a pumping machine in order to automatically switch the water filling. By applying an ultrasonic sensor, an ultrasonic transmitter is mounted on the top of the tank and transmits an ultrasonic pulse down into the tank. This pulse which travels at the speed of sound will be reflected back to the transmitter from the liquid surface. The time delay measurement between transmitted and received signals enables the device to calculate the distance to the surface. The transmitter is programmed to automatically determine the liquid level and switch the pumping machine. The dynamics of water flow and liquid level during filling and draining the water tank will be reported. We hope to this system, people will enjoy supplying water without their worries related to water spills and a wasteful electrical consumption.

(PDF) Automatic Water Tank Filling System Controlled Using Arduino TM Based Sensor for Home Application. Available from: [accessed Jun 26 2018].

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